Student Services

Inception Academy


Experienced guidance counselors work weekly with each student to prepare them for the first year of University and beyond, with advice and counseling given during the application process. Academic, personal, and vocational goals are a key area of focus, as the guidance counselor assists in honing the students’ abilities and skills into potential post-secondary options.

Home Stay

Living with a family is a great way for international students to improve their language skills and learn about Canadian culture by living with a Canadian family during their studies. At Inception Academy High School we place students with a caring and supportive Canadian homestay family that we know, and have visited in person. All our homestay have carried out a recent police record check. Most of our homestays are about 30-50 minutes from the school, accessible by public transportation. Host families will include students in meaningful family activities, like cooking meals and conversations.


At Inception Academy High School, we understand even the smartest students can struggle with focus, organization, and effective study habits—which can ultimately lead to poor grades. Through our private, tutoring services, we can work with students’ curriculum and homework to help them improve their grades and also gain confidence.


Inception Academy High School arranges transportation from Airport upon arrival to residential areas to help students move in. The settlement period can be very difficult for international students on their own for the first time. Our goal at Inception Academy is to ensure the smoothest possible transition into Canadian society.


Inception Academy High school prides itself on being a home away from home for our students. To encourage our students to enjoy their time to the fullest, we schedule a range of fun, enriching activities. All activities offered at Inception Academy High School are supervised by one of our highly-trained staff members and are a great way for students to make new friends and practice their English outside of the classroom. We encourage students to participate in as many activities as possible. As we are always focused on academics at Inception Academy High School, we have made sure that students are able to attend activities and still have time to study.


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